Stockwood CBS Leading The Charge During National Ethical Investment Week


This week is National Ethical Investment Week ! All through the week there are events in London, Bristol, Manchester and more all about ethical investment and sustainable banking, as well as an online campaign through Twitter @NEIW13.

At Stockwood CBS we are proud to be a member of both the Ethical Investment and the Positive Investment movements. The ethical investment market is estimated at about £11bn per annum in the UK alone, with the positive investment market being a subset of that, recently valued at £1.6bn by positive investment platform Ethex. This means that Stockwood CBS is not just considered as ethical from avoiding bad practices, but we are considered a positive investment because of the good that we provide to society and the environment.

This is why we are one of the only exclusive investments to be listed on Ethex, the platform that makes investing into positive investment as easy as possible. In terms of organic and biodynamic, we are leading the charge for positive investment during this crucial week in the investment calendar.

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