Notes & Quotes From An Investor – Ineke Meijer

[Stockwood hits] all the right buttons … I feel liberated.

The wonderful Ineke Meijer

The wonderful Ineke Meijer

We believe that the Stockwood Community Benefit Society is not just an investment for a financial a return. Some have called Stockwood an experience as well as an investment, some hone in on the difference made to education and environment; any way you put it, we believe that investors are getting something very personal out of their involvement with us.

As a result we are delighted to receive investor testimonials every now and then, wishing us luck along the way to meeting our £1 million target. One such investor is Ineke Meijer.

We are planning on uploading a full testimonial later this year, but for now we would love to share our favourite parts from her formal contact with us:

Joining the Stockwood CBS by investing the retirement grant that I did not immediately need, has enhanced my life.  For the first time in 15 years of making personal investment decisions, do I feel connected to the organisation … This is a truly mutual relationship.

I have been committed to sustainable environmental, social and economic development throughout my adult life. [These] investment opportunities are few and far between. I gave in to the forces of the conventional financial markets. As you can imagine, my conscience was far from clear.

[Later] I became determined to find a way to make investments that lead to the sustainable world that I [would] like to see. [Stockwood] hit all the right buttons : ultimately caring for people and planet, fuelled by a love for both.

Stockwood CBS not only has excellent ideas, but puts its business case succinctly and opened its doors to answer my questions … the joining procedure was so easy … literally putting my money where my mouth and working life had been for four decades. I feel liberated.

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