Rush Farm Update: Most Welcome Visitors

Rita Hillman is one of the daughters of the original farmers of Rush Farm, back from 1907. Still living relatively close by, we were delighted to have a visit by her and family just last week! It’s incredible to explore the past and the meaning of a farm; doing so of course ties in very well with what Stockwood is all about – history, succession, and maintaining a purpose through generations.

Adrian Parsons b&w 2

Adrian Parsons had this to say about the visit:

“While all is quiet on most fronts and we enjoy the return to warmer weather, we have had one special event to record.
This morning we had a visit from Rita(nee Hillman), her daughter Anne and her son Ashley with his wife and children.

Rita brought with her photographs and letters which have been added to our archive and then all went on the grand tour. Ashley and Anne had not been on the farm, let alone inside the house, since 1984. Much excitement as can be imagined.

We were able to share documents from 1907 when the Hillman family bought the farm, maps showing field layout in 1885 and the enclosure maps from the early decades of the nineteenth century.

Rather entertainingly it turned out the family originally came from Yatton in Somerset which happens to be where the Parsons were also farming  at that time! No indication at this stage that we are actually related!”

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