Reviving Rush Farm – The Biodynamic Way

silica_0 had an article about us just this Monday on our biodynamic farm and methods. Author Elisabeth Winkler has done a great job explaining the revival of our Rush Farm through biodynamic methods, describing some of our biodynamic preparations along the way. Anyone intrigued in biodynamic, this is a great place to start.

The full article is here and there are some quotes below:

“This is the story of the role biodynamic methods has played in restoring a farm’s fertility. 

What used to be a wheat farm under a monoculture regime is now a lush diverse mixed farm. 

Although science cannot explain how biodynamic farming works, it can show that it does work. A 21-year old study found that organic and biodynamic plots contain for instance 25% more soil micro-organisms and have higher long-term soil fertility than their non-organic counterparts.”

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