Some More Farm Updates – #FromTheFarm

Whilst everybody is away at the Fayre today we thought we should schedule in advance a bit of an update on the farm as you haven’t heard much from there in a while!


We had a very minor scare with three inconclusive reactors to our TB tests two weeks ago, but upon re-testing all animals were cleared and we have no need for another test for 10 months ! Hurrah !

We have been selling off our lambs and we are now down to just 42. We will keep some for our own and neighbours’ consumption but we have been much more efficient this year than last – at this stage last year we still had 100!


The cattle are preparing for their winter quarters – or rather, we are preparing them !

A couple of weeks ago, weaning of our calves took place – at about six months. One mother jumped over a fence to try to get to her calf. Lot of noise for a few days but  now all is peaceful!


The weather was mercifully wet which allowed our pastures to grow well after a lot of sunshine. Now it is dry again – the weather has been practically perfect right now.

We had a visit from the Worcestershire Wildlife Trust who was very impressed with our coppicing along the river bank, saying our section of the river is incredibly well managed. He also gave permission for us to remove two felled trees that have managed to create a sort of semi-dam and cause periodic flooding for us!


Of course, finally, today is the day of the Christmas Fayre – but you knew that already, right?!

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