Stockwood 84% Towards Hitting The Target!

We are now 84% of the way to reaching our fundraising target! £312,348 out of the minimum £375,000 has been raised!

We were recently approved by the  government as an exempt charity, meaning we all no longer have to pay stamp duty on the community purchase of Rush Farm, which previously amounted to £100,000. Combined with equity (that raised from you all) and loans, means that £312,348 out of the minimum £375,000 has been raised.

If the share offer is successful, this project will become one of a handful of community owned organic and biodynamic farms in the UK, and the only one with the unique model of combining farm and rural business park, providing an expected return and rural employment and boosts to the local rural economy.

Thank you to all that have invested so far and those that have championed us in this process. We are so close we can feel it!

If you haven’t yet invested, did you know you could do so for as little as £100..? Check out our Investment Form to get involved, but do look around the rest of the site first to see if it’s really for you. We’re sure you will be convinced.

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