#FromTheFarm – Beelieve it or not…


Last Thursday, our bees were inspected and the results were very positive. Indeed the expert’s final words were that he wished he had bees like ours. We have been told to give them more feed and are acting on this. The reason is that due to  all the mild weather they remain very active but there is of course little natural feed available to them.

Furthermore he is confident we should be able to find a new swarm for our empty hive in the spring.

This is of course all great news given all of the negative press surrounding the effects of unsustainable farming methods on bee colonies across Europe. It gives us hope that this situation can be turned around, if only the powers that “bee” can just realise that real sustainability involves understanding true, long-term value of the soil you stand on; and the ecosystems you harbour. Involving artificial, myopic chemicals to bring immediate gain helps nobody in reality.

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Rush Farm Family.

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