Rush Farm’s Biodynamic History

We now have a copy of a previously-aired interview with Anne and also Adrian Parsons on how Rush Farm came to become biodynamic, as well as the history behind the two parents of the Stockwood Business Park.

This 11 minute audio describes how Anne Parsons found herself growing up on biodynamic Broome Farm, how it was passed on and how she came to return later, with husband Adrian, and transform Rush Farm’s own land that we see and co-own today.

Anne always had a great interest in biodynamic since it was shown to her as a child, helping organise a biodynamic association at Sunfield through her life and make and distribute preparations. She also had a hand in defining Demeter’s biodynamic certification standards, so is very much the expert on this topic.

In closing, Adrian Parsons explains how, as an agnostic, he believes in biodynamic processes because it simply seems to work. He hints at why there is stronger belief on it in the Sub-Continent but despite that, the belief in the positive effect of biodynamics is slowly growing in the UK, because of its effect of balancing the difficulties of farming completely organic. Of course at Stockwood we have been convinced for years now.

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