#FromTheFarm – All Hands on Deck for the Lambing Season!

Here at Stockwood CBS (Stockwood Business Park + Rush Farm) we are about a quarter of the way through our lamb births. By the time our AGM comes round next Saturday we should be around half way; the perfect time for some of our members to witness lambing first hand – should they choose!

In the meantime, though, we are all hands on deck for the lambing season. This is where our unique model of integrating our rural business park and organic/biodynamic farm can come in so handy. Here at Stockwood CBS the farm and business park inter-relate and help each other out; business and agriculture fit together seamlessly.

Business Tenants Pulling Together To Help Rush Farm

Chris works with Elysia and his main task is running the warehouse and computer systems. At the moment he arrives at 6am … at the barn. At 8 he changes hat and becomes leader of the fulfilment business and IT manager while Tim, our Rush Farmer, takes over the lambing task. Then, at 6 in the evening Tim goes home and Chris takes over the evening shift.

Chris takes over the lambing evening shift from 6pm

Chris takes over the lambing evening shift from 6pm

Mark is one of our business tenants at unit 9, who comes on to the farm and helps when he can. This is his experience from last weekend, when several tenants regularly come to lend their support:

Mark's weekend lambing shift

Mark’s weekend lambing shift

Earlier this week, he told us that he had a marvellous weekend and had really loved taking his time out to help.

Finally, some tenants help in other ways. One of our orphan lambs is going to our business tenant Leslie in unit 27 – which is one less poor lamb for the kitchen!

The Beauty Of The Model

People like Leslie, Chris and Mark come in around their business hours especially in order to help from the goodness of their hearts and the joy they get from being part of the ‘real world’ of nature as we practice it. Which is of course great to hear!

These may seem like an unexpected benefit of a business & agriculture model, but here are Stockwood CBS, we have experience of this happening year after year and we are lucky we can depend on the kindness of the humans working on the estate.

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