First AGM – Stockwood Community Benefit Society

Originally written by Adrian Parsons, co-founder of Stockwood CBS and original purchaser of Rush Farm before community ownership – adapted for Stockwood’s blog:

“A momentous occasion has passed smoothly and joyfully. On Saturday April 12th Stockwood Community Benefit Society held its very first AGM.

Winter Wheat Crop, Rush Farm

Winter Wheat Crop, Rush Farm

Though the weather on Saturday was not as warm and sunny as on Friday, or yesterday, it could have been a great deal worse!

Morning Lambing

We had a good turn out of tenants and their families, together with a few local people to visit the barn and learn something about the lambing process. Indeed one family stayed for well over two hours!



Welcome to Rush Farm, fella

The Rush Farm Walk

We had 25 investors attend our AGM in total, which is a great turnout. You may not know that while the bulk are Worcestershire-based, many of our investors live across England and on occasion in different continents!

As the day started grey and cold, people were very much relieved to find hot drinks and home made cakes waiting for them. We also had seasonal, biodynamic vegetables laid out along with plants grown from the farm and business park.

Biodynamic vegetables for sale. Goodness in every gram.

Biodynamic vegetables for sale. Goodness in every gram.

Buy a new companion - plants for sale.

Buy a new companion – plants for sale.

Once we thought we had a full contingent there was a visit to the barn and then, only some 15 minutes behind schedule, we went on the farm walk. Happily this coincided with the best part of the day weather wise and all seemed to enjoy it very much. We saw lapwing and heard the singing of a host of skylarks, ducks and rather a lot of ewes and their lambs. We did not go through the wood as the wood itself remains very wet indeed; although beautiful in terms of the primroses, cowslips and early bluebells, a walk requires time, determination and the right footwear!


After a hot lunch cooked by Alison and Sebastian on Friday…

SCBS AGM 2014 Beef Stew

…and given the final touches in the farm kitchen by Anne, Sebastian – star of our many videos – gave a short talk, showed his latest creation for the website (watch this space!) and then at the appointed hour we held the formal meeting.

The "formal" bit! The tension of our first AGM!

The “formal” bit! The tension of our first AGM! Left: Sebastian Parson, Centre: Adrian Parsons

All resolutions were approved unanimously and all felt it had been a really good day.”

In Closing

We will soon be posting official results from the AGM, so watch this space.

At Stockwood CBS we would like to take the time, once again – and we won’t stop – to thank everybody who has invested and made our Community Benefit Society a reality. We are taking a multi-tiered approach to combating the ill effects of capitalism, land ownership issues and unnecessary chemical use in farming. Put another , better , way; we are forging a new way forwards for local economies to work, for investment to be meaningful, for food to be healthy, tasty and real – all of this wrapped in permanence. This is just AGM number one of hundreds, thousands into the future.

You can view all of the AGM photos, as well as many more from the farm, on our dedicated Facebook page:

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