Chaos and climate change

Ita WegmanDr.Ita Wegman is an influential person in our story. She inspired David Clement, our grandfather, in his youth. She was a powerful figure in Dr.Rudolf Hauschka’s life, and it was our connection with Hauschka that led to the possibility of buying Rush Farm in 2005. Ita Wegman was a doctor and an inspirational leader of the movement that founded biodynamics. Anyway, in 1929 wrote:

Along with technology, the modern era brought human dominion over natural forces, and as a result human beings have become responsible for part of the natural world. It will not take long before we see this responsibility grow further.

Initially separated, natural and historical processes increasingly merge. In ancient times, this was so only in isolated instances. The magnificent Renaissance city of Venice stands in the sea on pilings made from trees that once forested the mountains of Dalmatia. The climate change that resulted from this deforestation is one small example of larger instances to come.

This new relationship to nature also applies to the human being as such. As educators and physicians, we confront a bit of nature in what we see as heredity, and increasingly our job will be to transform it consciously. If humanity neglects this process, it will soon confront natural phenomena that it has brought about without recognising its own involvement. Phenomena will emerge that defy explanation. Nature, which until now has seemed to be governed by eternal laws, will seem to fall into chaos. This world situation now lies in the very near future. Nature is beginning to reflect the chaotic behaviour of human beings, as evidenced by catastrophes and aberrations. We human beings see them in nature’s mirror without recognising our own reflection.

How interesting – and how deeply she looked into the future! What a powerful call to us to manage our lives and our community more gently and more thoughtfully!

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