#FromTheFarm – Biodynamic Sprays & Farm Forays

Recently we sprayed two more tanks of biodynamic preparation 500 (see more here),  meaning that another couple of loads will see the whole farm completed for the first of the annual cycle.

Spraying the preparation-500

Spraying the preparation-500

This week we also sprayed a compost “tea” made by soaking comfrey and nettle leaves in water after crushing them – comfrey sprays are easily found in garden centres as organic “improves” and we use them for the same purpose.

Year upon year, with the help of these biodynamic preparations, the humus level in our soil improves, meaning the health and vitality improves. 

In other news, we had a good visit earlier this month from our Natural England advisor. For the first time this year we were able to drive right round the farm in the Land Rover, although the bridle track at the back of the farm was still very wet and we left deep ruts alongside the deep hoof prints of the many horse riders who use the track.

Discovered Orchid

Discovered Orchid

All looked pretty good but the highlight of the expedition was the bird life on our large scrape/pond – lapwings and their chicks, geese and goslings, moorhens and their chicks and what seemed to be a grebe and chicks.

Lapwing and their chicks

Lapwing and their chicks

Can anyone name this bird? Poor fella taking refuge with our numerous wildlife.

Can anyone name this bird? Poor fella taking refuge with our numerous wildlife.

Field A – sown with a wild flower mix got the thumbs up, which was good. And our lambs looked very fine.

"I'm doing great!"

“I’m doing great!”

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