Rush Farm Beef on sale – Organic, Biodynamic

**EDIT – products now on public sale – not much left! Please contact for an order form**

Beef on sale

Our organic, biodynamic beef is now on sale! In order to manage demand, it is on sale to our community of co-owners and business tenants first. Should there be any left over it will go on public sale, so watch this space! All co-owners ought to have received an email – if not please check your spam mail first and if still not there, do get in touch.

More information on our beef:

Rush Farm beef comes from our herd of Traditional Hereford cattle which graze on our herb rich organic pastures. A true native breed, it offers a supreme product. The marbling in the meat retains juiciness, flavour and tenderness during cooking and eating.

The beef is hung for 21 days to mature before being expertly prepared for the table. The result is deliciously tender, tasty and succulent meat.

We have a variety of enticing selections, from boxes full of tasty goodies to individual cuts.

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