Worldwide Spraying Marks 90 Years of Biodynamic

To celebrate 90 years of biodynamic agriculture, this Whitsun weekend (Sun 8 and Mon 9 June) has seen a unique celebration. With biodynamic preparations integral to the biodynamic method, there has been worldwide preparation spraying with numerous local events. Rush Farm is of course involved, although with no public event this time around. This movement has been organised by the UK Biodynamic Association – follow the link for a list of events occurring this Whitsun weekend.

Even the cows celebrate

Even the cows celebrate

Biodynamic agriculture is becoming known as the new wave in the organic movement. The biodynamic system was founded 90 years ago in 1924, and is a critical pioneer of the organic movement launching profound activities such as WOOFING and Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) among others.

The 90th anniversary will also be celebrated with a major conference in the Midlands this Autumn that we would love to see you at. The conference will bring together an international array of experts from the biodynamic movement to discuss methods and solutions to some of the burning issues facing agriculture and food today. It will also serve as a great learning experience for those wanting to know about biodynamic.

Key themes for the conference include soil quality, practical home gardening, seed and plant breeding, bees and access to land.
Speakers include Patrick Holden (Patron of the Biodynamic Association and Director of the Sustainable Food Trust), Gunther Hauk (Beekeeper at Spikenhard Farm Honeybee Sanctuary in USA and starring in the award winning film Queen of the Sun) and Monty Waldin (Wine critic and star of the Channel 4 series Chateau Monty).

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