Rush Farm joins WWOOF!

We are delighted to announce that, after such a positive experience with our Hungarian volunteer Monika in the past few weeks, that we have joined World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms – WWOOF. View our profile here.

The wild garlic fields of Rush Farm

The wild garlic fields of Rush Farm

Our visitor wanted to learn more about biodynamics and in particular biodynamic gardening, and our experiences were extremely positive. We learned from each other. Monika even sent us some lovely final words that she was okay with us sharing with you here:

I have spent a lovely time with you, it was one of my best experience in my life and this adventure changed my life and my point of view about the world and about people and myself. I could feel like the part of your family, you were very kind with me from the first moment and always could surprise me with your open minded and gentle way of life.
Thank you for teaching me for gardening and English language – the famous Redditch accent as well – and customs.- I will take home some nice customs like tea time. I really enjoyed Avebury, Stonehenge, Oxwich, Startford, Wales, you have a very nice country and I am quite sure that I will come back because I have a very good souvenir from the UK thanks to you. I hope we will meet again, this life or another :)

Come learn about Biodynamic preparations

Come learn loads about Biodynamic preparations

We want to have more experiences with people like this. Please, come and volunteer at Rush Farm!

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