New 2014 Share Offer Launched!

New investment to go towards eco-education centre and renewable energy investment

Our Harvest Fayre last month marked the official launch of the latest share offer from the Stockwood Community benefit Society.


The details of investment have remained the same, with the new share offer aiming to raise £800,000 to buy an additional 35 acres of land, as well as build and develop an eco-education centre and invest in renewable energy sources.

To find out more, contact Rush Farm on 01386 791 012 or email on

Shareholder, Director & co-founder of the Stockwood Community Benefit Society idea, Sebastian Parsons, said

“The farm as a community co-operative has really come to life throughout 2014 and the next phase is this new share offer. We, the existing shareholders, want more people to invest to raise £800,000 to buy an additional 35 acres of land.

This is a constantly evolving project that the Worcs community can buy into and quite literally own”

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