“Only secure path for long term is working with nature” says Stockwood CBS Director

Lord Krebs, government scientific advisor for climate change, yesterday told the Oxford Farming Conference that  organic farming could be worse for the environment than ‘conventional’ methods, especially when measuring up against no-till methods using genetically modified or GM technology.

The issue of climate change is a very important one at the heart of Stockwood’s values. Our businesses on site adopt low carbon practices, while we keep our farm as circular and environmentally friendly as possible. However, we believe that this issue can be tackled hand in hand with ones of biodiversity and long-term security of British farming.

Biodynamic farming encourages long-term security and sustainability

Biodynamic farming encourages long-term security and sustainability

Sebastian Parsons, Stockwood CBS director, had this to say on Lord Krebs’s comments.

“Organic farming builds humus (this is, for instance, the focus of the biodynamic methods) which locks up carbon, protects against flooding, soil erosion and soil exhaustion. Minimum tilling is a practice widely adopted in the organic and biodynamic sector.  The only secure path for the long term is the one that works with nature, encouraging and guiding the natural processes.  Contrary to Lord Krebs view, the real risk is  continued intensive farming.”

Learn more about our farm and its practices, plus biodynamic farming.

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