Support Local, Organic, Biodynamic & Ethical with Stockwood’s Second Round of Shares

We are very excited to flag a new share offer coming for Stockwood Community Benefit Society. We are aiming to raise a further £800,000 in total, to support the continued development of the organisation, which was officially purchased by a community of supporters in June 2014.

We will be accepting new investors in the first stage of this new share offer later this year, so do watch this space and please inquire via the Invest section of this site.

Why invest?

  • Ethical and impact investing: Earn an estimated 5% return on your shares per annum.
  • Sustainable agriculture: Support British organic & biodynamic agriculture.
  • Sustainable business, too: Support local, rural and ethical employment at the same time.
  • We’re joining the energy revolution: Support renewable energy and eco-education with the latest round of shares.
  • Be a leader: Be a part of an innovative scheme to benefit the economy, community and environment in perpetuity.
  • Join our community: Be a part of a community of global supporters, with your own certificate of shares, vote and participate in the AGM, access to the farm, special events and more.
  • We were the original Archers Farm! Yes, we’re serious! Be the envy of your friends by owning a part of the land where the longest ever radio drama all started.
Rush Farm has traditional Herefordshire cattle, Lleyn sheep, wheat crop plus plenty of fruit and vegetables

Rush Farm has traditional Herefordshire cattle, Lleyn sheep, wheat crop plus plenty of fruit and vegetables

Where will my investment go?

We're looking to purchase more land with our latest share offer

We’re looking to purchase and protect more land with our latest share offer

1. Protecting even more land with further land purchase – £310,000

Some 35 acres of Rush Farm remain outside the ownership of Stockwood CBS but must be sold by the present owners. Purchase by Stockwood CBS will protect this land in perpetuity. There is a 6-month time limit, which is why the directors this to be the first and urgent priority of the fundraising campaign.

2. Supporting renewable energy – £90,000

We are joining the energy revolution! Our aim is to cover the roofs of the large units of Stockwood Business Park in solar panels, to generate renewable electricity and surplus income to further the charitable objects of the organisation.

3. Construction of an eco-education centre – £75,000

We plan to build and eco Education Centre for the use of visitors – both children and adults – as well as a new home for early years setting: Rush Farm Children’s Garden. The building will provide opportunities to reach out to local schools and engage the community much more deeply in the development of Stockwood CBS.

4. Loan repayment – £325,000

£25,000 or more can be saved over the next four years by replacing the loans currently supporting Stockwood CBS! This saving will be invested into furthering the social and environmental goals of the society.

Become a part of our growing community and attend our events

Become a part of our growing community and attend our events

What is Stockwood CBS?

Stockwood CBS is a dynamic partnership between an organic/biodynamic farm – Rush Farm – and the adjacent Stockwood Business Park. The local and global community bought out the two in June 2014, with the business park earning a steady, reliable return on investment enough to protect the sustainable but less profitable farm in perpetuity. And leave enough leftover to pay its investors 5% return on their investment.

Too often farms are taken over and modified or destroyed altogether by its new owners. Now, with a community that will pass on its investments forever, this will no longer happen. Every year our land and soil grows ever more fertile thanks to our successful organic and biodynamic methods.

To learn even more about our farm and the concepts underpinning the Community Benefit Society in a digestible format, see our very popular and successful animation, created last year.

Please note the 5% return is an estimate we aim and expect to pay out every year, but that, like with any investment of this kind, your capital may be at risk in making the investment.

8 responses to “Support Local, Organic, Biodynamic & Ethical with Stockwood’s Second Round of Shares

      • I sent a cheque for shares the first time you advertised in NEW VIEW and it was returned to me so am reluctant to send another. Shouldn`t there be a form to complete? Jenny Gage

      • Hi Jenny,
        Was it returned by us or because of the post? We are happy to take investments at the moment, in particular, we are fund-raising to buy some more land at the moment. There is a form on the website, and also we can send you a brochure with a form in it. If you want to email me then I’m on
        Thanks, Sebastian

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