An Alternative to Tesco’s Super Store-Closures?

Thousands of jobs could be lost, and thousands more will never be, as Tesco announced not just cutbacks in growth but store closures earlier this year. This alone should put everyone on their best guard. Isn’t there a better alternative to the dependency on the supermarket culture?

At Stockwood CBS many of us have resolved to buy more and more from local farm shops – and of course our very own Rush Farm – and we are amazed.  It is a profoundly more satisfactory experience. When we engage with something more real, we suddenly notice the soulless nature of supermarkets that we previously didn’t notice for all of the shininess.

Real food - from real people - at our Xmas Fayre.

Real food – from real people – at our Xmas Fayre.

At our Rural Business Park we house roughly 20 local businesses employing around 100 local people. This alone allows £21.6 million to recycle into the local economy annually. The difference is, this money doesn’t escape – it trickles outward to the community for their benefit. And community benefit is what we are all about.

Watch this space, as over the coming months we plan to profile many of the businesses and partners at the business park, so you can get a better idea of just who you are invested in as part of Stockwood Community Benefit Society.

Read more about our latest share offer here.

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