Global Day of Divestment – how to get behind the cause

Happy Global Day of Divestment!! First of all, make sure you join in with the day’s events by visiting, shouting about #Divest on Twitter and taking action – divest today, write a letter to your bank, spread the word!

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At Stockwood CBS we overwhelmingly support the movement to divest from fossil fuels and invest in clean, renewable energy. Clean and renewable sources are:

  • Inherently local and democratic, allowing self-sufficiency and independence from Big Energy.
  • Increasingly economical, with payback now as low as 6 months for some installations.
  • Above all, kinder to the planet, treating the surrounding environment as the self-contained and self-sufficient organism it is.

All of these factors are completely in line with what we stand for. We ourselves have recently installed biomass in our barn and are looking to install rooftop solar across the Stockwood CBS business park with our latest share offer.


But remember that you can divest from fossil fuels and still invest in many alternatives, such as charity bonds, sustainable housing and organic farming. We urge all those divesting today – and throughout the year – to consider Community Benefit Societies such as ours – Stockwood CBS. We have secured the land of Rush Farm in perpetuity so we may keep it organic and biodynamic and beneficial for the community in perpetuity – event after the original owners pass on. This is combined with our rural business park, which creates employment for some 100 people, recycles £21.6 million in the local economy annually, and helped create a 5% return for our investors-members in our first year as a benefit society. You can read more about Stockwood CBS and our investment across this site.

Useful Resources

Here are some useful resources for today and 2015 – let’s make it a Global Year of Divestment!

The Divest Movement

Go Fossil – spearheading the Global Day of Divestment | Facebook | Twitter |
Move Your Money – switch your savings to banks with socially and environmentally responsible practices | Facebook | Twitter |
Good Money Week – annual campaign to spread awareness of ethical investment in the UK | Facebook | Twitter
ShareAction UK – movement to persuade companies to act more responsibly from within | Facebook | Twitter |
Greenhouse PR wrote two good blogs last year on the declaration to invest in climate and the climate summit hype | Twitter

Some Divest-Invest Options

Us, of course! See our latest share offer | Follow us on Facebook | Follow us on Twitter
Ethex UK – The leading UK platform for positive  investments and savings, which our original share offer was listed on | Facebook | Twitter |
Abundance – Another great platform for leading ethical investment opportunities – specifically renewables | Facebook | Twitter |
Trillion Fund – Another great platform for leading ethical investment opportunities – specifically renewables | Facebook | Twitter |

Ethical Savings Options (although there are many – check Move Your Money!)

Triodos Bank UK  – Ethical savings accounts, with a focus on renewables and community projects | Facebook | Twitter |
Charity Bank UK – Ethical savings accounts, with some focus on charity projects | Facebook | Twitter |

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