Rush Farm goes biomass!

We are becoming increasingly proud of our eco-credentials. We want to keep our farm and business park as close to a single functioning, self sufficient organism as possible – which is one of the cornerstones of biodynamic practice. Of course we are also so aware of the impact of climate change and what small, meaningful actions can do to change that.

So, not only are we looking into rooftop solar over the next year to supply for tenant and farm needs, but in February we successfully converted to a biomass system in our farmhouse!

Beautiful biomass!

Beautiful biomass!

This is an amazing piece of kit. Despite requiring a hefty amount of paperwork and three weeks of effort, we now have much more efficient hot water provided to our on-site house and garage conversion! We use 6mm wood pellets to charge it.

This system replaces an ancient oil-fired furnace that was reliable but deemed incredibly inefficient. We knew something had to be done – though biomass may not be the greenest option out there it was in this scenario (for now) the only realistic way.

Healthy, hot water surreptitiously flowing for Stockwood

Healthy, hot water surreptitiously flowing for Stockwood

This is part of our push to bring Rush Farm and the Stockwood Business Park, now it is community-owned by like-minded eco-friendly locals and Brits, into ever more sustainable practice, reflecting the values of the Community Benefit Society and those who own it.

We look forward to seeing some of you soon and if you are lucky, you can take a peak at our new favourite toy!

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