Support organic, biodynamic and community agriculture at Huxhams Cross Farm!


Support organic, biodynamic and community agriculture at Huxhams Cross Farm!

We are very excited to spread the word of an exciting fundraising campaign from our Custodian Trustee. The Biodynamic Land Trust, who were instrumental in helping passing on Rush Farm and Stockwood Business Park’s land into community ownership, are carrying out more important work in supporting organic and biodynamic agriculture, with the Huxhams Cross Farm fundraising campaign in a critical phase. They only require £50,000 more of their £375,000 target to secure the land for community benefit, with a focus on replenishing the soil and on education.

A farm walk with interested locals in the lower fields at Week /Huxhams Cross Farm

A farm walk with interested locals in the lower fields at Week /Huxhams Cross Farm

Letter from Martin Large, Director at the Biodynamic Land Trust and elected Stockwood CBS director

Dear Stockwood investors and readers, 3def2d6c-b5ad-46bf-931d-e5feb1d11b85You may know that the Biodynamic Land Trust (BDLT) is a partner with Stockwood, and helped secure Rush Farm as an anchor investor. Having personally assisted the Parsons family with helping protect Rush Farm over the last four years, I am delighted that so many people have invested and become fellow SCBS members! It is a wonderful story. However, to help continue the story, the BDLT now invites you to help us buy the new Huxhams Cross biodynamic farm at Dartington, Totnes. This beacon biodynamic demonstration farm will provide healthy food and children’s well being activities. We have raised most of the money to secure this land. But we still need about £50,000 in shares, and/or gifts, to close the gap. The BDLT Share Offer is still open until 31st March 2015.  The Share Offer is on our website and also an invitation to join the design process for creating this new farm from bare land. Martin Large BDLT Executive Director & SCBS Director For further information see the websites as per links, email biodynamiclandtrust@gmail or ring Martin on 07765 006829 Do have a look at the BDLT website with its news and blogs about the Huxhams Cross Farm and other projects;


One of the upper fields viewed from the lower edge with Marina and friends walking up the side. Footpath to the right which borders on ‘Love Barn’ the neighbours.

Download the share offer prospectus:

Huxhams Cross Farm Share Offer Prospectus Huxhams Cross Prospectus

References for the Huxhams Cross Farm share offer, taken from the share offer prospectus

The BDLT meets the urgent need for enabling farmers to gain access to land without the crippling burden of debt, and help build sustainable food systems.

Patrick Holden – Patron, Biodynamic Agricultural Association & Founding Director of the Sustainable Food Trust

This BDLT community purchase of land for people and wildlife friendly farming is the best way to change the world radically and for the better by perfectly acceptable, non-radical means. Go for it!

Colin and Ruth Tudge – Campaign for Real Farming and Funding Enlightened Agriculture

Marina O’Connell and her team have more than 25 years successful experience of creating exceptional food landscapes, some on the Dartington Hall Estate. They are skilled in communicating the concepts of a vibrant local food movement to differing audiences in a variety of ways. Those who know her are eager to welcome her back home…

Anne Phillips – Director, Schumacher College (1993 -2006)

I am excited and encouraged by the Apricot Centre’s wish to create a biodynamic farm on a piece of land in Week. This represents huge faith on the part of the Apricot Centre in the local economy. Their multi use model, blending farming with education, and value added food processing is the result of many years’ experience and will be valuable addition to local food systems

Naresh Giangrande – Totnes Transition Network

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