Elysia Commons at Lighthouse Radio & Marmalade

A new type of enterprise network, what does that mean? A network of enterprise gives more scope for collaboration and transformation … a perpetual wellbeing machine.

Elysia on Lighthouse.net

If you didn’t know, Stockwood CBS is proudly a part of the Elysia Commons, a network of social enterprises and co-operatives created for the common good. The wonderful people over at LightHouse Net recently conducted an interview with our director and original founder of Stockwood CBS, Sebastian Parsons. Look for the interview with Sebastian Parsons aired last Thursday

Front Logo

Elysia Presentation at Marmalade, Oxford, April 15

This dovetails nicely with a presentation next week as part of the Marmalade series for Social Change at the Oxford Fire Shed. You can come along on Thursday and attend all the other fantastic events happening over there.

Is there such a thing as too much pay for directors? Can we integrate companies to have shared purpose for the common good? Is there a better model for capitalism that shares more equally progress and success, without impacting negatively on growth? We’d love to hear from you this Wednesday.

More on the Elysia Commons

Here’s a short taster video reflecting some of the progressive thinking behind Elysia. Learn more at www.elysiacommons.org

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