#FromTheFarm – wild weather brings the volunteers

A second update this week from Farmer Adrian at Rush Farm:

At last we have had some very much needed rain. Much of our thinking recently has been about where to move our animals to, while keeping some fields un-grazed for hay making – now we can relax a little.

The dry weather has of course had its benefits. It has been possible to grass harrow many fields and the recent rain has allowed some thistle pulling.

Despite the two quite hard frosts we have had recently our blossom trees look stunning. Our two ancient apple trees are covered in bloom as are our damson trees. We should have great juice this autumn.

People Walking on Farm

People Walking on Farm

For the non- vegetarians we shall have fresh lamb shortly and still have a certain number of frozen beef cuts.

Our WWOOFer is from Italy and seems to have settled in very well. Paul and Becky enjoy working with him and he certainly seems to have the “green thumbs” or as we might say green fingers!

It looks as if we shall have volunteers with us for much of the time between now and September. They are coming from France, Germany and Italy and certainly appear to have approached us because of what they have read here on the website! We’re really looking forward to meeting them all – ages range from early twenties to mid-thirties and at different times we shall have both men and women.

What this does mean is that we can maintain our gardens at the same level as last year and hopefully have a very enjoyable season!

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