The highs and lows of farming

It’s been a weekend of highs and lows on Rush Farm for Farmer Adrian:

Hedgehogs' new homes

Hedgehogs’ new homes

The high point of Saturday was a visit by Jayne and her helper Karen from Willow Hedgehog Rescue based in Bromsgrove to bring four rescued hedgehogs to the farm. They moved in to homes specially made by Paul and they loved them straight away. They dived into their new homes the moment they were released – but not before some pictures were taken for the local newspaper.

Low point was when Chris, who had just come home from an all day course in London, found our bull much agitated by a bull in an adjoining field owned by one of our neighbours. We had to quickly put up an electric fence to make sure the two animals didn’t attack each other. The noise by the way made by the bulls was quite considerable!

On Sunday, the high point was the successful laying of new drainage pipes – it doesn’t very exciting but it’s very important and we’re glad it’s done. The low point was one of our cows shattering the window in one of the tractor doors!

Tim is back from his holidays tomorrow so the cattle will be pleased to see him again!

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