Flowers looking a treat #FromtheFarm

Main activity on the farm this week has revolved around trenching and the garden, though Matteo has done a great job on using our ‘lazy dog’ to rid the pastures of thistles!

The flower gardens look a treat and this is largely down to Sue who puts in a few days for us each year. The frosts we have had demonstrated the the poly tunnel offers little protection so we are not planting any tender plants yet.

Tim is back from his holidays and so far has not complained about our efforts in his absence!

In ten days or so we will be putting all the ewes and their lambs through the race to check weights (for the lambs), and feet and general condition for the ewes.

Cow 52 is in disgrace with Chris since she tore off one the tractor doors but Tim was unsympathetic though he did clear up all the glass – no spatial awareness!

We shall be getting some pullets at the end of the month. They will be between 10 and 12 weeks old – still got to find a house for them though!

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