Weather changing plans #FromTheFarm

Here’s the latest update from Farmer Adrian here at Rush Farm:

While quite a lot was achieved last week the expected, but not actually experienced weather, caused us to cancel both the shearing of the ewes and the making of silage from at least two of our fields.

We did manage to weigh the lambs however and they are growing well. We also managed to treat all the sheep for scald and/or foot rot. This is one of those diseases which can lie in the soil dormant for many years and then reappear when weather conditions are appropriate. Last year was our first experience of what is both an unpleasant and common problem for sheep and we were very unhappy about this.

As the forecast for this week suggests after two days of gales and rainstorms that we shall have a warm and dry end to the week, I have rebooked both the shearer and the silage contractor – fingers crossed!

The reason the shearer had to be put off last week is that shearing requires completely dry fleeces and our barn, for good health reasons, has open sides and so rain cannot be kept out. The entire flock will once again receive treatment for their foot problems.

Warm weather is obviously very welcome in many ways but as some of you will be very aware it also encourages blow flies and these pose a very real threat to our sheep.

Fierce winds are forecast for tonight so we are prepared to clear fallen trees in the morning should that be necessary but otherwise looking forward to yet another active and productive week.

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