The Rain Has Arrived! – News #FromTheFarm

Here’s the latest update from Farmer Adrian here at Rush Farm:

What a lot of rain we have just had – not a complaint! It was needed and as it was steady over a good period of time our pastures remain firm so the very necessary job of ‘topping’ can get under way. The week will also be busy because it is time to spray the bio-dynamic preparations yet again. Spraying the 500 which will also involve comfrey tea will take the best part of two afternoons while the spraying of 501 hopefully can be completed in a morning.

As for news of the animals – Jupiter our stock bull has now re-joined his ‘ladies’ and we will hope to see successful outcomes next spring. It is still some time to go before our autumn calving takes place, however we do have worries over one heifer who seems to be suffering from an allergic reaction but hope all will be well.

This is also a busy week for the lambs – it’s time for weighing and drenching. We regret having to drench but given the facts of life, the fact that we shall only have to do it once, is actually a tribute to our flock care. Most of our neighbours routinely drench every three weeks!

Talking of having to use a ‘nasty’ gives me a chance to share that Tim spent a day on the Duchy home farm attending a refresher course on the use of homeopathy. It seems much of the afternoon session was dominated by consideration of foot problems in sheep largely initiated by our very recent problems in that area. Remaining with homoeopathy, our use of the Orf nosode really has paid dividends this year as the problem has troubled the flock very little.

In other news, our bushcraft (wilderness skills) tutor has run two successful weekend courses over the last three weeks. Dale is very qualified and we know he treats our wood with proper respect and that his students always have a great time.

Finally, Chris and I have paid two visits to the Three Counties Show by Malvern, mainly to look at sheep – Lleyn of course – and tele handlers – big boys toys perhaps, but something we sorely need. Whatever we find will be second-hand, this farm is just not large enough to merit spending nearly £40,000 on a piece of machinery!

The forecast for the week suggests increasing warmth, which following all the rain we have had, should really cause our pastures to grow well – here’s to the week ahead!

One response to “The Rain Has Arrived! – News #FromTheFarm

  1. Thanks for the interesting news. I wonder if you would forward this to Sabastian as my emails to him are failing (also the one I tried to FORWARD to you). I am now planning to visit Rush Farm on 20th July and could stay a few days were I able to be of use. Thanks, Jenny

    Date: Tue, 16 Jun 2015 08:12:41 +0000 To:

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