Is this an Archers Episode? Another update from Farmer Adrian

I think if this were a draft for an episode of the Archers the dialogue would have little to do with actual farming!

But it is not so I will confine myself to saying we are delighted with our grandson’s success at A levels and relieved at a successful operation carried out (not on Anne or me!)

Inevitably after such a great day at the Summer Fete we have rather battled with tiredness and anti-climactic feelings hence every day has felt rather like Friday!

People Walking on Farm

But there are things to say about the farm. Our new heifer calf and her mother are doing well. It is clear that this first birth was rather painful and Tim has been using homeopathic remedies to ease the pain.

Our ewes suffered the indignity of being put in a device which turned them upside down so that their feet could be examined and action taken where necessary – fortunately only half a dozen needed that!

Neighbours have been forced to sell their lambs because of lack of grass. Happily we are not in that position – as you would expect of a bio-dynamic farm – because what may not be widely realised is that it is not just dairy farmers who are suffering low prices but also beef and lamb farmers. The price fluctuations may seem small to outsiders but because margins are so small a movement of only a few pence may make all the difference between a loss and a small profit.

The heavy rain we happily had on Thursday night should mean that with rising temperatures the grass starts really growing again. Sadly it also means that our weeds are blooming! The one we have to take especially seriously at this time of year is ragwort. It has to be dug because like so many perennial weeds any scrap of root left in the ground will produce a new plant and has to be taken seriously as it is poisonous both to stock and humans.

Our new Wwoofers have settled in very well, sadly they are only with us for two weeks but we are really enjoying their company and support.

Until next time!

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