The very good news is that none of our cattle tested positive for TB. What a relief that was. It may seem strange to people that raising cattle for beef as we do that we should care so much but ‘there is no accounting for people’ is there!
Otherwise it has been a strange sort of week weather wise – one moment sunny, the next grey, one moment dry and the next very wet. Despite this work has gone on just as Bank Holiday Monday passed us by quite unnoticed.

The need to move stock and cattle in particular brought one if us rather closer to a bull than ever before experienced but in retrospect rather enjoyed.

It was also time to weigh our lambs, with the help of Chris and two of our wonderful Wwoofers

lamb weighing

On Monday we say goodbye to our North American Wwoofer who has brought the positive ‘can do’ attitude that seems to distinguish them from us – she will be much missed by all and not least  by the three dogs and two grandchildren. How fortunate we have been this year with our volunteers. Now we have our first visitor from Chile. Much for us to learn from him before he leaves us to go to Warwick University in October.

Our bushcraft team had a surprise this weekend, whilst mending the little footbridge into the wood where they turned up some leeches! Perhaps not for the faint hearted but a reminder of how in times past the leech was much used for medicinal purposes


We were also surprised to unearth this little chap in the compost heap!:


Mixed fortunes on the MOT front. Good news for Becky but not so for Tim however he managed to get a replacement quickly and at the right price.
Finally just to report that Chris’s Little Cafe has successfully completed two weeks of trading and is doing very well. Not surprising, the cakes he made for my birthday were truly excellent


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