Lesley White – Why I chose to invest in Stockwood CBS


“I first came to Rush Farm as a tenant in the business park.   I live locally in Droitwich and I am a Director of LSD Accountants which has office space in the business park on the Farm.

 “When the opportunity came to become a Member of Stockwood Community Benefit Society I jumped at the chance.  I became an investor and I now feel that I am part of the farm and that I own a small piece of it.

 “I became an investor because I love Rush Farm – and for me it is all to do with the land and the sheep.  They let me feed the orphans.  After feeding the orphans in the first year, they let me keep two sheep!  And last year they let me keep a further three sheep which they let me keep here.

 “The Parsons family are very good at making me feel that Rush Farm is mine!  I love being on the farm, I come at weekends, I adore being here, it gives me an enormous sense of wellbeing and it is the perfect antidote to quite a stressful job.   I would never move my business anywhere else.

 “When the opportunity came to be member – and to buy a share of the land – I jumped at the opportunity.”

To hear more from Lesley about why she decided to invest in Stockwood Community Benefit Society, visit our YouTube channel

For more information on how to invest, visit our Ethex investment page

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