Peter Pettifor – What made me invest in Stockwood CBS


“I am a Member of Stockwood Community Benefit Society and I invested in shares last year with about £100 and I have just chosen to invest in buying more shares up to £1000.

 “I have often felt I wanted to have a farm but could not afford one.  So being a Member and a co-owner of Stockwood Community Benefit Society gives me a sense of ownership and belonging on the farm.   

 “I am currently doing a HND and BSc in Horticulture.  So I have genuine interesting in horticulture, plants and biodiversity. I like to come to the farm and feel part of what is happening there.

 “All my other investments are in energy and I feel that it is important to invest in land, protecting the land and the 5% is attractive as a return.  You can pass on the shares to your children without them paying inheritance tax.

 “I am a member of the Green Party and I have become aware that more than 50% of species in the UK are in decline due to pesticide use and changes in land use. I want to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem.  The way this biodynamic farm works is that you try to protect nature and do more for nature than conventional farming.  So investing in Stockwood Community Benefit Society was a great opportunity for me to do something positive about the environment.

 “I feel it is no good just talking about it – it is better to put money where your mouth is.”

To hear more from Peter about why he chose to invest in Stockwood Community Benefit Society, visit our YouTube channel.

For more information about how to invest, visit our Ethex investment page.

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