Tracey Wathen-Jones – Investing in Stockwood CBS


“I sit on the board of the CSA board for the UK so this is a really good example of farming and community come together and that is why I wanted to invest in this farm.   I live in Oxfordshire and am studying organic agriculture MsC at SIUC in Aberdeen.

 “Long term I think organic agricutlrue is more sustainbel for people, the land and livestock and environment.  I think the land should be protected for future generations.  Access to land is such a big issue for people who want to get into farming who don’t inherit through family, so community schemes allow some of those people to access and farm the land.

 “Stockwood Community Benefit Society was set up to protect the land and will provide land and the opportunity to support farmers for the future.  There are also plans to support CSA schemes moving forwards with fruit and veg.  It is a really important resource for communities up and down the UK and I would like to see more of them.”

Find out more about why Tracey decided to invest in Stockwood Community Benefit Social by visiting our YouTube channel.

For more information about how to invest, visit our Ethex investment page

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