Alison King – Why I chose to invest in Stockwood CBS


“I was the Business Manager of English Symphony Orchestra, I met Sebastian through that and we set up the office in Stockwood Business Park.  Over the years I have became more involved in the set up and I wanted to become involved in Stockwood CBS.

 “I love the farm and it is such a fabulous place to work.   It provides such a lovely setting, and a really nice atmosphere, run on ethical principles.  You are really aware of the seasons every day and being in the countryside you feel very alive – from the worst floods, to frosts to days like today in the sunshine.

 “I respect the ethos of the family and the organic farming principles.   I wanted to become a member and investor to protect the land and it demonstrated my commitment and belief in the principles and ways of farming.   I really feel part of the farm.

 “There was a great sense of achievement when we generated enough money to buy the business park and the farm and we have an opportunity to buy a further block of land and it will be really exciting to welcome new investors. 

 “I love the involvement with investors and you get to know them as individuals and what their interests are and their motivations for supporting it.  They are really diverse and interesting and we are doing something that makes a significance difference through protecting the land for further generations.”

To hear more about why Alison invested in Stockwood Community Benefit Society, visit our YouTube channel.

For more information about how to invest, visit our Ethex investment page.

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