The Barn is completed!

Having spent the whole week in bed and largely in the semi-haze occasioned by taking three separate painkillers, what follows is, largely, a report of successes shared with me from my visitors, some of whom bring me a cup of tea!

From my bed, I have a commanding view of the traffic onto and off the business park – so it was on Wednesday I saw Chris set off with the steers and successfully return later! From this vantage point however, I cannot see the barn and enjoy in person the glory of it being completed successfully, but I can share this news with you here!


So, a huge well done to Sebastien for his work planning the design and the stages of the implementation; and Chris and Tim for this week of completing the enormous task.

On Saturday, Chris and Tieran moved the suckler herd in for the Winter, and reports suggest they are very happy in their new home. Furthermore, perhaps I have already shared this, but in case not, we were very proud and happy to learn from Sebastien that following on from his presentation of his Rush Farm summer projects, which was enjoyed by his examiner and the other students present, he passed his year! Success!


We are also very proud of Michaelangelo, who will tomorrow, 12th December, attend his graduation ceremony for his degree. Well done! If life were different we would all be there beside his family to cheer him on for this great success; as it is, we will be there with them in spirit.

Meetings set up in the farm diary have had to go by the board. I was particularly sorry to miss Caroline Corsie of the Worcester Wild Life Trust; among, no doubt, many other things, she is leading a project researching a catchment approach to creating sustainable populations of wild pollinators and the associated ecosystem benefits. We are one of many of the local farms being walked and worked with. Caroline left behind a farm self-assessment booklet – interesting to read – but from my bed frightening to contemplate completing!

This week should be fairly quiet on the farm for Chris and Tim – compared to last week anyway! There will be a further 30 lambs to be chosen for Fordhall Farm, and there is still the weighing machine wiring to be fixed after the sheep tried to eat it… all that grass and yet they do this!

One response to “The Barn is completed!

  1. I skived college in about 1971 to attend a talk by Fordhall farmer (name escapes me after so long) and remember the great joy with which he spoke of his life and work. I hope the Farm is still engendering such happiness!

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