A fabulous year on Rush Farm

Another mild, dank and murky week has passed, and we have been hidden in the main in the fog – being in a dip as we are here at Rush Farm. There have been a few bursts of sunshine in the late afternoon if we have been really good – or at least, that is how it feels!

On the farm front, we are feeding stock both indoors and outdoors now, and the new feeding trailer has arrived and will aim to be put in to service this coming week.  We are still waiting for two cows to calve, and happy news greeted us with morning with the safe arrival of a heifer calf to cow number 311 – she was one of our first cows on the farm. As far as the sheep are concerned, we are starting to think about where to move the breeding flock once tupping is over.


I am very happy to share that the farm’s single farm payment has been paid! This makes the noose of the finances feel a lot less tight around our necks.

In other news, the proposals being drawn up for the future of the market garden in 2017 are firming up positively; there is currently little new news to update you on regarding earth energy and broadband – they are all proceeding as we would hope I believe.

Chris is now fully involved in his parish festive activities as Chair of the local Parish Council.  The family took a tour of the Lights of Inkberrow last night and reported that the village looked nicely festive. Thank you to all those families who take the trouble and make the effort for us all to glean such enjoyment.

I have been ‘enjoying’ the cricket in Madras – enjoying listening to the commentary perhaps – and have been reading more of my family history. With intermittent to zero Wi-Fi connection from my bed, TV has been out of my reach, so I am relieved to report I have more mobile this week – I even managed to get downstairs to watch the final of Strictly – and in large part enjoy it!

After an exceedingly busy fortnight for the family, it is now the school holidays for the children – who are amazing energetic and active – their gymnastics display in my bedroom this morning left me feeling very old!

Can it really be Christmas in six days! Anne and I have not even sent any Christmas cards! I suppose the realisation of the date means that although Christmas is just like every other day on a farm, this will be my last Rush Farm Blog of the year… and what a year it has been not just domestically but internationally too of course.

We have made a great many friends this year. We are very grateful indeed to the Farm land itself, and the livestock; to Chris, Tim, Lesley and Tieran for their unrelenting efforts plus all the family help as and when all hands are needed on deck; to our fabulous Woofer family who enriched our year so much, and to Becky, Jasper and Kath who had such growing success in the market garden this year.

We are left only to wish you all a very merry Christmas time, and a healthy, happy, safe and peaceful New Year.

Adrian and Annetabitha-anne-adrian-sophie-sebastian

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