A mixed week but at least we had some sun

The week began well – at least for me – as mobility is starting to return; so it should after 7 weeks!

The less-good-news came with our vet reporting higher counts of parasites in our remaining lambs than ever seen before. No fluke but some real ‘nasties’. Clearly the only appropriate action was to weigh the lambs again and see if the mineral drench had materially improved maters; there was some improvement found, but not enough so a sizeable number had to have an anti-worm drench which means they cannot be sold as organic.


We are having a review meeting this coming week with our vet and a key matter to discuss will be the apparently universal problem in this country of mineral deficiencies in sheep.

On a much more positive note we saw the sun for an hour or two this week, and we now think the observed bare patches on some of cows is explained by three cows having tufts of hair on the end of their horns!


We also now are preparing for our upcoming Soil Association inspection. We believe we are ready but no doubt panic will set in closer to the date!

Leslie’s collection of saved sheep is now quite substantial but sadly this week one of the older ones had to be ‘put to sleep’.  This little flock is lovingly cared for and particularly enjoy rich tea biscuits! They even have their own shelter while every other sheep on the farm has to cope with anything the weather chooses to through at them! It is well worth following their stories with Lesley here http://lsdaccountantsltd.co.uk/blog/happy-newe-year/


I couldn’t face ‘In our time’ this week – it was about parasites – too close to on-going stock issues’! Saturday Live had as a guest someone who had been an apprentice compositor – a now gone and forgotten skill. That of course interested me since the profession I enjoyed for so many years is equally now gone and forgotten. Chastening to think one has lived through so much change. As I wrote to my sister ‘thank goodness dad never lived to experience this’. I wonder what my children will say that about!

An encounter with music by Distler courtesy of a friend in Germany was very moving especially when listened to at 3 in the morning after a day when Holocaust Memorial Day had dominated the news. Choral music remains as important in Germany as it does here. In that vein, I think it should be said that Lechner is a composer well worth listening to.

I have not finished re-reading Reformation – bought before I realised my eyes in due course would find especially small print hard to read! I did think a lot about Graeme Wood’s thoughts on Salafism and the uncomfortable conclusion that there is no short term, let alone happy, answer.

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