A significant week for the cattle!

This has been a good growing week with warm damp weather. As a result, we can have some confidence that when the cattle are ‘released’ from the barn there will be grazing aplenty.

Wednesday was a significant day with the cattle for two reasons: The first, that the cattle had their second dose of vaccine; Chris did a great job with the vaccination, opening mouths and emptying 25 ml. down each throat from a small bottle and not a single bottle getting swallowed as well! The second was that, as appropriate, the cattle were scanned for being in calf. Splendidly 16, as hoped, gave positive results though it does appear the calving period may be more drawn out than we had wished for!

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 16.18.43

We are certainly going to have to take more active measures against the lice and we are also going to have to replace some ear tags. All cattle must have two tags – one to each ear. Since cattle are browsers as well as grazers, and love to be amongst the hedgerows and branches of trees, we do have losing tags in hedges as an ongoing issue!

Regarding the samples taken by the vet, we shall have to wait a while for results on the health status of the herd since the samples taken have to be sent to an independent laboratory.

The other reason why Wednesday had significance was that our tractor departed to have a new clutch fitted! Given that it is crucial that we have a tractor for feeding the stock, we were fortunate to find a close neighbour willing to lend one of his on Saturday since there is no way our other vehicles can handle the haylage and straw bales. Haylage bales weigh probably over half a ton each, while the straw bales probably weigh some 7 hundredweight each. The tractor returned this morning (Sunday) which was a great relief – I may have more mixed feelings when I get the bill!


With regards to the business park, with a major tenant leaving last month, the management team have been much engaged in finding new tenants. Happily, the problem experienced has been about who to choose as the new tenants!

Obviously alongside this has been the completion of the heating installation, and, attempting to get Openreach to deliver the fibre connection for the fast broadband everybody is expecting, and which is now long overdue.

Litter is a constant problem, and to support this issue, work is now completed in the skip area which ‘should’ help, but constant litter patrols remain necessary.

Our role with the park management has in recent months become reduced and shared with a management team, but this has not meant that our relationships with individual tenants has in any way been diminished. We do after all live on site, are out and about on a daily basis and continue to attempt to keep the site looking cared for.

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 16.26.01.png

Last weekend we planted up the flower beds around the two trees in the courtyard. Everything looked good until we discovered that birds love the flower heads of the primulas! At first, we assumed it was slugs but were informed by Becky, our resident hairdresser at Beau Couture, that she and a client had been dismayed by the action of ‘small brown birds’ in pulling the flowers! More positively she said she enjoyed the constant bird chatter and variety of types and that it was no wonder that we all, and her clients see this park as a mini wildlife paradise.

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