Nicki Bainbridge-Clement

16th September 2020

Preparations afoot for the new barn

“This blog is the unfolding story of Rush Farm and an exploration of life by its philosopher farmer.” I must apologise for this week’s notes being […]
9th September 2020

Pregnancy Testing

I have shared with you a photograph of the moon, because this week we have had both a ‘corn’ and a ‘blue’ moon. Sadly, I gave […]
2nd September 2020


I need to apologise in advance if these notes are slight. The simple truth is that I spent the first part of the week bed bound […]
26th August 2020

Demeter inspection – all in excellent order!

Wearing my shorts was far too effective. The refrain going through my head for much of this week was one that we often used as children […]
19th August 2020


Though it appears that we have avoided the worst of the weather, we have at last had some much-needed rain. The standout colour in the fields […]
12th August 2020

Meet our new ram!

This week has been one to enjoy a ‘gibbous moon’. Rising later and later each week, it has appeared as a large orange-red object in the […]
5th August 2020

New additions to the family

I make no apologies for starting these notes on a very personal note. On Wednesday Anne and I had the great good fortune to be able […]
29th July 2020

Bales and barns

“Aging is an extraordinary process whereby you become the person you always should have been.” It would be absurd for me to claim that David Bowie […]
22nd July 2020

Our first cut for haylage

Watching Sibley bat reminded me very much of watching a Test Match at Old Trafford in the dim and distant past – perhaps 1980? – when […]