Business Park

Stockwood Business Park

The business park management lives on-site, and is very responsive and often able to meet tenants needs immediately and within our own resources. We provide many services to the tenants, including IT, telephony, print services, one-off and ongoing storage requirements, and of course, we are very proud of the Ofsted approved, full working hours, child care facility on site.

There is a wide mix of different businesses as there are different styles and sizes of units, from office to light industrial, and surprisingly often tenants are able to solve their business problems from their neighbouring businesses.

We do confer with the community about what is wanted on site and what needs there are there to be met, and we have a lovely grassy picnic area, sheltered by willow trees, by the pond. There is a community here and tenants are invited to join in. We are part of a beautiful working farm and there are regular walks for tenants so we can share, show and explain, and some even help out, for instance with looking after the orphan lambs in the spring, and, of course, they have amazing produce brought to their desks!

There is a lot of pride felt by all involved in being part of this community.

Adrian Parsons, Business Park Manager

Stockwood Business Park Tenants

AltusAltus: Mark Eyres and Shanta Smith say: “We love helping on the farm: lambing, logging. The Farm has inspired our own-grown vegetables at home.
It’s a fantastic place to work, the people who run it are wonderful, helpful, with a huge skill base.
Its recycling and green measures are trustworthy. What they say happens to it, does happen.”

LSD-accountantsLSD Accountants: Davinder K Matharu says: “We love it here. The green environment and serene atmosphere boosts productivity especially during stressful work periods.
We (and our families) go on farm walks and tours; we’re active supporters of the farm ethos.
We would encourage and support the Farm Shop in increasing sales of produce.”

Little-Green-SheepLittle Green Sheep: Paul Maurice, Director says: “Sustainability is a massive passion of ours. The biggest thing about being an organic company is being profitable, by being a viable business you can positively affect 1000’s of people.
Some staff & customers who arrive here aren’t too bothered about ‘sustainability’ but quickly turn around and become passionate about it.”

SL-ShopThe SL Shop: Sue Bailey says: “The Farm setting and its produce is wonderful. It draws new customers into ‘the whole package’. It’s also good for retaining staff who love it here.
The up-cycling of used cars that we do here is part of an ‘anti-disposable’ ideal. Re-using vehicles (often for many decades) means owners are not buying new (where car manufacture requires huge quantities of energy and materials).
This idea is something we can talk about to car owners who can feel a bit judged by ‘sustainability’.”

CocomoCocomo: Enda Spillane, says: “We specialise in high quality hand made chocolate that is good enough to eat yourself – or, of course, make a gift for someone else! We make chocolate from sustainably grown cocoa, meaning when you buy and eat our chocolate, you aren’t harming our planet. With the help of the very nice people at Stockwood, we’ve found a home that suits us very well. There are a lot of organic businesses here – without even having been driven that way. We aim to hire local workers – we have a lot to offer each other, at Cocomo.”

ElysiaLiv: Sebastian Parsons and Sophie Patrick say: “We make sustainable living a very easy option. We believe the Earth and human beings are perfect for each other; we just need to take a little bit of extra care. Liv products are sourced from organic and biodynamic cotton, fairly traded and sustainably grown.”