22nd September 2023


Goodness what a two weeks of such varied weathers! A heat wave became cold and grey, with low cloud hanging over us like a weighted blanket, […]
9th September 2023

Indian Summer

Misty mornings and warm sunny days once more have been a very welcome change from the cloudy skies of August.  After such a wet and cool […]
17th August 2023

Sunshine and showers!

Business Park News.. This week saw our first Stockwood Business Park event for ages! Along with the Rush Farm Supper Club we were lucky enough to […]
3rd August 2023

A new addition..

July has seemingly raced past us – over before we really noticed it had begun, maybe in part due to workloads and grindstones, but maybe just […]
20th July 2023

Making hay..

Bursting with the natural high of being able to take a job off the list, we made hay, yes, while the sun shone, and most importantly, […]
6th July 2023

Shearing Time!

So, we find ourselves in July, having experienced the “hottest June on record”, although we can all hear Adrian reminding us that the records actually only […]
22nd June 2023

Happy summer solstice!

The longest day is feeling all too soon upon us – perhaps for you all too? The thought of longer nights is not a comforting one, […]
8th June 2023

Sunshine & blue skies

Should we worry, or should we just enjoy it? We have been blessed with another fortnight of, overall, beautiful weather. Blue skies and sunshine, but the […]
11th May 2023


First things first as we left you on rather a cliff hanger last time – the results came in, and the cattle got the “all clear” […]