9th September 2020

Pregnancy Testing

I have shared with you a photograph of the moon, because this week we have had both a ‘corn’ and a ‘blue’ moon. Sadly, I gave […]
2nd September 2020


I need to apologise in advance if these notes are slight. The simple truth is that I spent the first part of the week bed bound […]
26th August 2020

Demeter inspection – all in excellent order!

Wearing my shorts was far too effective. The refrain going through my head for much of this week was one that we often used as children […]
19th August 2020


Though it appears that we have avoided the worst of the weather, we have at last had some much-needed rain. The standout colour in the fields […]
12th August 2020

Meet our new ram!

This week has been one to enjoy a ‘gibbous moon’. Rising later and later each week, it has appeared as a large orange-red object in the […]
5th August 2020

New additions to the family

I make no apologies for starting these notes on a very personal note. On Wednesday Anne and I had the great good fortune to be able […]
22nd July 2020

Our first cut for haylage

Watching Sibley bat reminded me very much of watching a Test Match at Old Trafford in the dim and distant past – perhaps 1980? – when […]
13th July 2020

Peaceful mothers and calves

Knowing that Nicki would comment on last Saturday’s AGM, I said nothing about it. I attach at the end of this note a copy of the […]
8th July 2020

Ecologically positive!

In terms of the weather, this has been a drab week. Little sunshine, cool and grey, but worst of all, still there has been only limited […]