7th September 2019

Time for hedge cutting

What an unusual start to the week! A Bank Holiday coinciding with good weather after a scorching weekend. Thank goodness the two fields that had been […]
30th August 2019

Fencing Matters

A quite extraordinary week ending with the majority of the family going to the Chipping Camden Music Feastival to man an Ulula stall. In between whiles, […]
21st August 2019

Wildflower seed mix has arrived!

On Wednesday morning it really felt as though winter, not autumn had come. Steady rain out of a uniformly grey sky, and a chill that tempted […]
14th August 2019

It can’t be autumn yet!

In Ireland, August was, and may still be, regarded as the first month of autumn, and this followed the Celtic calendar. On that basis we should […]
9th August 2019

Bat incursions!

Bats! I have shared in the past my attempts to deal with bat incursions into the house. I admit my fondness for bats sharply diminished many […]
1st August 2019

Rising Temperatures

This has been a rather inactive week on the farm, at least. Certainly, the temperatures militated against moving stock, and hardly encouraged human activity either. This […]
25th July 2019

Meadow Sweet

At this time of year, the verges in the lanes around the farm are a mass of the creamy white flowers of the meadow sweet. On […]
18th July 2019

A new male calf

I have managed to say little about the cricket World Cup but at this stage of the competition there can be no excuse for ignoring it […]
11th July 2019

All is well

A week in which the hay bales were collected in, the garden transformed, critical farm financial matters dealt with, the delivery of the wool booked in, […]