21st October 2018

Getting sheep in tip-top condition pre-tupping

The very wet weekend, and more rain in the first part of the week meant all the pastures at once became greener, and the warmish weather […]
15th October 2018

We’re in The Sunday Times!

Earlier in the week I felt that I would sadly have to start these notes with the oh so familiar issue of this year – rain, […]
12th October 2018

Autumn arrives at the farm

Where we farm, the landscape is dominated by trees and hedgerows rather than hills or large rivers. In February we enjoy the early signs of spring […]
1st October 2018

Herbal leys and native trees

I had intended, just for a change, to start with the weather but we are all still reeling from watching the American Senate hearing on Thursday. […]
24th September 2018

Six steers and more lambs to be sold

Working through our weekly job sheet on Friday, I was able to tick off four items as either completed or as being ‘in hand’!  The most […]
18th September 2018

A cow pedicure!

I wonder how many people know how different are the smells that come from working with the cattle or the sheep. When this week, after eleven […]
10th September 2018

TB results are in

The week has been dominated by two matters. The first is that it has been a week of endings – school holidays, promenade concerts, the summer, […]
3rd September 2018

First fifteen lambs sold

First lambs sold This has felt to be a short week. While, of course, the daily checking of stock, water supplies, and pasture growth has gone on […]
29th August 2018

No deal Brexit implications for the farm

The fall of more rain this past week had been very welcome as it will further encourage the growth in the pastures, though whether the two […]