9th July 2018

Heat wave poses challenges for UK farming

And still the cuckoo calls! Has he no idea of the near disaster farming in this country is facing as a result of the longest period […]
2nd July 2018

Nearly 200 bales of hay in storage

This has been a productive week on the farm. An additional four fields were cut and baled as hay, meaning we now have in storage just […]
25th June 2018

Shearing sheep and waiting for the rain

My concerns about the weather have proved well founded. According to the ‘experts’ we have had but a fraction of the rain we might have expected […]
18th June 2018

Taking soil samples for Higher Tier Stewardship Scheme

As Milly stole the show last week in the shared photograph of her after her having helped work the sheep, this week you find her entirely […]
13th June 2018

Spring seems to have turned into summer

As rapidly as it finally arrived, spring seems to have already turned into summer. Trees, hedges and verges show this only too clearly. Strange weather we […]
5th June 2018

Another heifer calf

Happily, we have had another heifer calf – again completely unassisted. At the end of the week, while the young stock still had plenty of grass, […]
1st June 2018

All sheep and their greedy offspring are checked and treated

Pastures flourish We need not have feared about the lack of rain. It fell in great quantities towards the end of the week. That and the […]
1st June 2018

We have a fine new bull calf

Bea left us only weeks ago, and when she left, as a result of dedicated weeding, the garden showed signification patches of bare earth. Today those […]
14th May 2018

All seems well in our little patch of England

For this week at least, all seems well in our little patch of England. The world outside is green, with waterfalls of white from the blossom […]