15th January 2020

A lake in field 6!

A rather subdued week on the farm. The RPA continues to be negatively robotic. Tim’s mother has not been well, and this has impacted on us […]
8th January 2020

New year, new life

Despite it being the holiday period, life on the farm has not been static. Moreover, a period in which we had little rain and warm days […]
18th December 2019

An agile cow!

What a totally dismal week this has been. Two classic lines have gone around and around in my head: One from childhood memories of hearing the […]
11th December 2019

Rainbows after the rain

This week, as far as the farm is concerned, has been very quiet. This in part because feeding and checking the animals takes most of Tim’s […]
3rd December 2019

Contented animals

Since the less said about the weather the better, I thought I might comment on changes in the birds we see and the song we hear. […]
27th November 2019

Mud, mud, glorious mud!

If any of you ever saw or heard Flanders and Swan you may well remember ‘The song of the Hippopotamus’ and its chorus in particular: which, […]
21st November 2019

Challenging rain!

It feels a little strange writing these notes when my notes for last week have only just gone out! The explanation is straightforward. The farm office […]
29th October 2019


If it were not for the utterly depressing political situation, we all would be pretty cheerful this week, despite the desperate act in nature to give […]
23rd October 2019

A new heifer calf

I described last week as drab. Despite the unsettled weather, this week the colours outside have been less uniformly depressing. When the clouds have lifted, the […]