29th October 2019


If it were not for the utterly depressing political situation, we all would be pretty cheerful this week, despite the desperate act in nature to give […]
23rd October 2019

A new heifer calf

I described last week as drab. Despite the unsettled weather, this week the colours outside have been less uniformly depressing. When the clouds have lifted, the […]
16th October 2019


Pleading self-indulgence, for those of you who missed it, the latest Trumpism was a justification for abandoning the Kurds – to quote his words as best […]
26th September 2019

Autumn is here

So, autumn has definitely arrived, though the majority of trees retain their leaves and the roses are still in bloom. The horse chestnut trees are dropping […]
11th September 2019


There has been no Indian summer to enjoy so far. While it would be an exaggeration to say autumn is definitely established, there is now a […]
7th September 2019

Time for hedge cutting

What an unusual start to the week! A Bank Holiday coinciding with good weather after a scorching weekend. Thank goodness the two fields that had been […]
14th August 2019

It can’t be autumn yet!

In Ireland, August was, and may still be, regarded as the first month of autumn, and this followed the Celtic calendar. On that basis we should […]
9th August 2019

Bat incursions!

Bats! I have shared in the past my attempts to deal with bat incursions into the house. I admit my fondness for bats sharply diminished many […]
1st August 2019

Rising Temperatures

This has been a rather inactive week on the farm, at least. Certainly, the temperatures militated against moving stock, and hardly encouraged human activity either. This […]