Five Percent Return

5% Return

The business park has fully let rental income of over £200,000.

Because of its beautiful location, its wide range of different sizes and types of units, and the friendly community feel on the park it has a very good rental history.
The business park is currently full, but click here to see the list of vacancies during the worst of the recession.

The Society can issue more shares and if, for example, the full value of the property were subscribed for £2,550,000, then that would cost the Society £127,500 in interest each year, leaving over £70,000 per year for carrying out its objects and reinvesting in the Estate.

The Society can also use the resources of the farm and business park to generate electricity and heat, thus further increasing its income and achieving its environmental objectives; and there are also opportunities for further expansion of the business park, within reasonable limits, increasing income and local employment opportunities.

The Stockwood Community Benefit Society has Charity-at-law status. The Society is allowed by the Charity Commission to pay an interest rate on its shares that is modest but sufficient to attract investment. We believe that 5% is modest, but also a relatively good return, especially when investors also consider the environmental and social benefits that their investment will additionally deliver.

The business park is long established and operates well.

The project is self-contained and self-sustaining. The minimum investment is £100 and the maximum is £100,000. For smaller investments it is often convenient to purchase further shares with the interest and so allow the investment to accumulate. For example, a £100 investment would grow to £127 in 5 years. Shares can be withdrawn with notice, but they can not be traded or transferred.

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