Founder Sebastian Parsons An “Ethical Investment Pioneer”

Founder Sebastian Parsons An “Ethical Investment Pioneer”

We are delighted to have one of our founders Sebastian appear on GreenhousePR’s blog as an Ethical Investment Pioneer.

We have taken some of our favourite parts and put them below, but you can read the whole article on Greenhouse’s blog, including what he would do if Prime Minister and the best advice he’s ever been given (it involves eschewing spreadsheets).


I am primarily motivated by ideas, by living pictures of how things could weave together, support each other, and collaborate. I am also motivated by a desire to protect a little area of the Earth, through which it can breathe safely and easily.

For me, the breakthrough comes when people realise that mainstream business can be ethical

Buy sustainably-sourced and ethically-created stuff. Be kind to your family, as well as your colleagues, and if you feel really grumpy, then try shouting into your pillow…

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