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Welcome to Rush Farm in Worcester, the farm which inspired BBC’s The Archers.

You are one step closer to:

  • co-owning part of this historic farming land
  • making a difference to British farming
  • healthy rich soil, well-cared for animals, thriving wildlife and good food
  • preserving this traditional farm for ever.

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Join us in turning our family farm into a farm owned by YOU and other members of the public. Farmed traditionally, our beautiful farm is sustainably farmed and is a sanctuary for wildlife. Rush Farm’s on-farm eco-run business park employs over 100 local people, keeping our rural community alive.

Be part of the solution

By investing £100 minimum, you become a member (one member, one vote) shareholder. You will have a say in how the farm is run and special access to our farm, its rural training days and fresh biodynamic and organic produce.

Feel connected to the farm that inspired The Archers, and help sustain Rush Farm and its rural hub – for ever.

Sebastian Parsons, family co-owner of Rush Farm, explains why your involvement will bring benefits to local farming, wildlife, the community – and you.

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