Invest – Introduction

Invest in a dynamic new partnership between an organic farm and a business park, with transformational social impacts that simply keep on growing.

Can an everyday business park impact the world around it for the better?

Can the highest farming and wildlife standards pay their way and win the sceptics over?

Yes they can, and it’s happening here. Join us now and together we will:

  • Foster more sustainable workspace for local businesses to value and grow their positive social impact
  • Sustain more land as biodynamic organic stewardship improves fertility, locks up more carbon and grows more nutritious food.
  • Educate more schools, clubs, businesses and other groups, with access to wildlife, farming, social impacts theory and life skills.

Investing now will put you at the heart of a radical new partnership between business, farming, education and leisure – a partnership you can believe in.

We aim to pay members a 5% financial return and see the social impacts grow and grow.

“This project is rooted in the ethical social revolution of the 19th century, strikingly relevant in today’s economy.
Our vision is to unite the Farm and Business Park in a fresh, common purpose; to significantly grow our positive legacy to people and planet. As a charitable vehicle*, SCBS will deliver an exciting programme of actions across a range of economic, ecological and social measures, transforming farmers, traders, customers and public. We will be a national exemplar, not just for what we are, but for who we are becoming.
Your investment means we can take this route. Standard high street finance rooted in the status quo will not allow it. Only a mix of 21st century investors built on 200 years of industrial and providential tradition, can make this happen.
Let’s travel together.”
Sebastian Parsons, Stockwood Community Benefit Society