Key Facts


Invest – Key Facts

This Share Offer is seeking to raise £1,000,000 through the issue of shares at £1 each from potential members across the United Kingdom.

The purpose is to purchase and place in trust the land and buildings at Rush Farm and Stockwood Business Park, a successful biodynamic-organic farm and a fully-let rural trading estate.

This will secure the Farm’s mission and enable a charitable vehicle to lead, change and grow both the Farm’s and Business Park’s social impacts.

A business park and organic farm, changing the rules, travelling together.

Prospectus approved by the Board of Stockwood CBS on: 16th May 2013

  • Offer opens: 17th May 2013
  • Minimum finance for purchase in place: 31st December 2013
  • Purchase in progress, completion expected in 1st Quarter 2014
  • Amount sought: £1,000,000
  • Minimum investment: £100
  • Maximum investment: £20,000*

* Larger amounts can be invested through loan stock, please contact us for details.

Corporate vehicle: Community Benefit Society, created under the Industrial & Provident Societies Act 1965
Registered in England as STOCKWOOD COMMUNITY BENEFIT SOCIETY LIMITED with the Financial Conduct Authority, company number 31920 R.
Principal place of business: England
The starting paid-up capital and reserves of the Society are £6.
Please note: The Stockwood CBS’s ‘deposit taking business’ is not regulated. Shareholders are not protected by any dispute resolution scheme or deposit guarantee scheme.

“Rush Farm has been transformed. Biodynamic methods have been particularly effective in promoting the biological activity of the soil, rebuilding its structure and fertility. A mixed farming system of Hereford cattle, Lleyn sheep and some arable crops has been established. Mixed farming with biological diversity is central to the Biodynamic approach and helps to build a healthy ecosystem. Rush Farm has built a strong consumer group with links into the local community. Again, local marketing and building community are key principles in the Biodynamic approach.
That’s why we’re investing in Stockwood CBS.”
Timothy Brink, Chair, Biodynamic Land Trust